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Welcome to the SOS Iguana website which is dedicated towards conservation and research of the last population of Lesser Antillean iguanas within the Dutch Caribbean. 


The Lesser Antillean Iguana is quickly disappearing throughout its range. St. Eustatius is the last Dutch Caribbean island that still has Lesser Antillean iguanas with an estimated population of around 425. Sadly this island is on the verge of losing this magnificent and ancient species. Luckily  you can help make a difference, by supporting us!

SOS iguana.

The Lesser Antillean iguana is the rarest reptile within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. These majestic animals are sadly in trouble and they need our help! Thankfully SOS iguana together with like-minded people and organisations are able to protect and conserve these iguanas and their environment with the help of kind donors.  Please consider supporting our projects, so that generations to come can enjoy these beautiful modern day dragons.

How to donate?

Donations can be made directly to: Stichting RAVON in Nijmegen to our account number: 

NL 54 TRIO 0379 6638 56 With 'sosiguana' as subject. The BIC code is TRIONL2U. If you would prefer to pay by credit card, iDeal or PayPal this is also possible on the donation page.


In numbers.


Number of Lesser Antillean 

iguanas left in the wild


Islands left on which genetically pure populations remain


Iguanas left on

St. Eustatius


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