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Love and understanding for nature is crucial for species conservation. Dialogue enables people to safeguard their environment.

Connect people to nature.

Our nature education program inspires in youth a conservation ethic, facilitates continued environmental education and empowers students to become environmental stewards.

We know classroom lessons aren’t enough, and in order to foster compassion for nature there needs to be a real connection. The Quill Express does just that - through our immersive field trip experiences, children and students are exposed to nature firsthand, where they see the consequences of wildlife and habitat destruction and learn the importance of preserving their natural heritage.

Through interactive lessons and interactions with animals, students are able to build authentic connections with wildlife and develop positive impressions of the natural world. Through engaging activities and close-up encounters, we are not only fostering connections with animals and teaching children the value of the natural world but we are also motivating them to take action for wildlife protection.

By connecting children to nature we are raising a new generation of conservation leaders. Your support allows increasing numbers of children being able to go on field excursions, provides our 'school' children with nature specific education materials, and build an interactive exhibition about the endemic iguana and Statia's general nature. Donate today, and help us to inspire the next generation of conservationists to preserve Statia's nature!

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